Our Food

At Street Angels we are pleased to serve you honest, fresh and Homemade food.
We believe that Cookery is not a chemistry. It is an art. It requires instinct and taste rather than exact measurements.
Business lunch

02 Street Burgers

54. Kassler Burger   11,70€

Melted Gorgonzola on grilled malt beer Kassler meat, field salad, onion and mustard-balsamic-mayonnaise in bread

55. Halloumi burger VEGI   11,70€

With halloumi cheese, guacamole, jalapenos, tomato, fresh lettuce and cucumber on a whole-grain bread

56. Texas Bacon Burger   12,50€

Overfire grilled beef - stratified with rucola, BBQ sauce, spice cucumber, lettuce and chester cheese in bread

57. Gorgonzola Beef Burger   12,50€

Over fire grilled BBQ burger layered with rucola, spicy cucumber, BBQ sauce, spicy cucumber melted gorgonzola cheese in bread

58. BBQ Burger   12,70€

Over fire grilled BBQ burger with bacon and BBQ sauce - layered with lettuce, ripe tomato and cheddar cheese

59. Chilli Cheese Classic Burger   12,70€

Melted cheese, jalapenos, tangy salad layered on a juicy beef burger and garnished with lettuce, tomato and mayo

60. Chilli Cheese Chicken Burger   12,70€

Melted cheese on grilled chicken, jalapenos, fresh tangy salsa layered and topped with lettuce, tomato and mayo

61. Lachs-Burger   13,90€

Grilled salmon fillet with green cucumber, lettuce and chili dill mayonnaise in bread


1. Salty Peanuts   3,90€

Peanuts mixed with fresh tomatoes, cucumber, onion and fresh lime juice

2. Fresh Vegetable Sticks   4,90€

With sour cream dip

3. Feta - Olives   4,90€

4. Chicken nuggets   3,90€

With fries und ketchup

5. Noodles   3,90€

With tomato sauce

6. Fish sticks   3,90€

With fries and ketchup


7. Small mixed salad   3,80€

Mixed salad with our special mustard dressing

8. Caesars Chicken Salad   7,50€

Romaine lettuce with grilled chicken breast, croutons and grated parmesan

9. Street Angels salad   7,90€

Salad with mixed nuts and our special mustard dressing

10. Moroccon salad   8,50€

Mixed salad with apple, dates, pistachios, halloumi and cinnamon

11. Big mixed salad   8,20€

With beef tips, fried mushrooms and homemade mustard dressing

12. Rucola salad   7,60€

With cherry tomatoes, fresh parmesan, house dressing and roasted pine nuts


13. Sopa Der Verdura   3,50€

Vegetable soup

14. Chilli Con Carne   4,50€

Mexican stew with beans, corn and minced meat

15. Thailand Green   4,50€

Thai green vegetable curry soup with chicken, vegetables and coconut milk

16. Tomato soup   3,80€

With croutons and cream


17. French Fries   2,20€

18. Sweet Potato Fries   3,00€

19. Curly Fries   3,00€

20. Hummus   2,50€

21. Feta   2,20€

22. Raita (indian yoghurt)   3,50€

23. Avocado cream   2,20€

24. Sour cream   2,20€

25. Jalapenos   1,50€

26. Olives   2,20€

27. Mayo / Ketchup / Mustard   0,30€

01 Street Appetizer

30. Guacamole Nachos VEGI   3,90€

Tortilla chips with guacamole

31. Nachos Mexikana VEGI   5,90€

Nachos with tomato, onion, jalapenos, cilantro and baked cheese and sour cream

32. Chicken wings   6,20€

Chicken with sweet‘n sour honey mustard dip and salad

33. Tomato-Mozzarella Plate   6,50€

Mozzarella with tomato, basil and rucola

34. Chili Paneer   7,90€

A cheesy favorite crispy fried paneer fingers fried in a wok with spicy chili sauce

02 Street Appetizer

35. Chili Chicken   7,90€

Marinated chicken strips fried and served with chilies in special sauce

36. BEEF Nachos   8,50€

Nachos mit Rinderhackfleisch und Käse überbacken, dazu Sauerrahm und Guacamole

37. Chicken Nachos   8,50€

Nachos with chicken and cheese, sour cream and guacamole

38. Bread Platter (for 2)   9,90€

A mix of all homemade breads - filled with cheese, ground beef, potatoes, garlic, etc. topped with butter and served with raita

39. Street Angel Anti pasti plate   11,40€

Grilled vegetables, salad, prosciutto, cantaloupe, olives and feta cheese

40. Street Angels Nachos (for 2)   15,50€

Nachos with tomatos, onions, jalapenos, beef, chicken, baked chees and 2 fried eggs – served with olives, sour cream and guacamole


41. Wiener Style Schnitzel   11,50€

Breaded pork cutlet with fried egg and fries and salad

42. Fish Schnitzel (180g)   12,50€

Breaded atlantic catfish schnitzel with fried potatoes and salad

43. Pork schnitzel   12,90€

Schnitzel with mushroom sauce and fried potatoes

44. Pork steak   15,90€

Pork steak with homemade herb butter - served with fries and salad

45. Argentine Rump Steak *BAI   18,90€

From the grill - with homemade herb butter and green beans. Served with rosemary potatoes

46. Roast beef *BAI   19,90€

From the grill - with grilled vegetables, mushroom sauce, fries and salad

. * BAI = Black Angus International   

Street Rolls

67. Vegan Roll   10,70€

Fried tofu, avocado cream and vegetables - rolled in a special thin bread salad and sauces. Served with fries

68. Paneer Roll VEGI   11,70€

Cubes of our homemade indian cheese with fine spiced yoghurt and fried in a clay oven - rolled in a special thin bread, salad and sauces

69. Shoa Special Chicken Roll   11,70€

A special skill of Shoa in India! Tender chicken breast pieces marinated in a yoghurt butter combination – rolled with salad in a special, thin bread

. All burgers, rolls & Sandwiches are served with coleslaw. Also with fries, mayo or ketchup (optionally fried Sweet potatoes 0,80€)   


62. Margherita Sandwich   9,80€

White bread with tomatoes, mozzarella, fresh basil and fine tomato sauce

63. Bacon Guacamole Sandwich   10,90€

Butter toast with creamy guacamole, cheddar cheese, tortilla chips and grilled bacon

64. Club sandwich   11,70€

Toast topped with chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomato - served with fried egg and fries

65. Chicken Guacamole Sandwich   11,70€

Dark bread with chicken breast, peppers, cheddar cheese, creamy guacamole and salad

66. Texas Chili hot Dog   11,90€

Krakow sausages with cheddar cheese, mozzarella, onions, jalapenos and delicious teriyaki-chilli sauce in hot dog bread – served with fries and coleslaw


70. Apfelstrudel   4,90€

Hot apple strudel served with vanilla sauce

71. Mixed Ice Cream   5,50€

3 scoops ice cream (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry), with cream chocolate sauce and fruit garnish

72. Sweet Street Angels   5,90€

2 pancakes with a chocolate sauce topping and a scoops chocolate ice cream

73. Schoko Toast   6,50€

Toast with bananas and chocolate peanut butter- sauce layered

74. Hot Chocolate Sizzler   7,50€

Warm brownie with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream

75. Kaiserschmarrn   8,20€

With red stewed fruit and 2 scoops of ice cream

All items take away also possible!